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self-service restaurant [1]click to hear

Restaurant with numerous food counters where customers can put together a meal of their choosing.
self-service restaurant [1] store room soup stool counter bread and cheese hot food hors d’oeuvres and cold food salads self-service display case silverware and napkins trays work top cooking utensils cold room sink percolators condiments cloakroom pay phone restrooms garbage can microwave ovens chair table dining room fruits and desserts checkout counter soda fountain storage rack glasses glass washer dishwasher kitchen

store room click to hear

Room for storing nonperishable items.

soup click to hear

stool click to hear

Seat without arms or back where people sit at counter level.

counter click to hear

Raised narrow table at which customers can eat.

hot food click to hear

hors d’oeuvres and cold food click to hear

self-service display case click to hear

Unit for displaying hot and cold food, which customers serve themselves.

silverware and napkins click to hear

trays click to hear

Flat rigid utensils for carrying plates.

work top click to hear

Flat work surface designed primarily to prepare food.

cooking utensils click to hear

Utensils used for cooking food, especially in the oven or on the stove.

cold room click to hear

Refrigerated space for storing perishables.

sink click to hear

Water-fed basin equipped with a drain; it is indispensable for cooking and cleaning tasks.

percolators click to hear

Electric coffee makers for preparing large amounts of coffee.

condiments click to hear

Natural or artificial substances used in cooking to bring out the flavor in a dish or to complement it.

cloakroom click to hear

Space for storing clothes, hats, umbrellas and so forth.

pay phone click to hear

Telephone located in public places; it functions when coins or payment cards are inserted into the phone box.

restrooms click to hear

Rooms equipped with toilets and sinks.

garbage can click to hear

Container in which leftovers are discarded.

microwave ovens click to hear

Ovens made available to customers to warm up their meals.

chair click to hear

Seat consisting of a back and legs but no arms.

table click to hear

Article of furniture consisting of a flat surface supported by one or more legs; people sit around it to be served.

dining room click to hear

Hall for eating meals.

fruits and desserts click to hear

checkout counter click to hear

Counter where clerks record the details of each article bought, calculate the amount due, and collect the money or the credit card information.

soda fountain click to hear

Device that dispenses nonalcoholic beverages made from carbonated water, flavoring and sugar.

storage rack click to hear

Unit for arranging and protecting various kitchen objects.

glasses click to hear

Receptacles for drinking.

glass washer click to hear

Appliance designed to automatically wash glasses.

dishwasher click to hear

Appliance designed to automatically wash and dry dishes.

kitchen click to hear

Room where meals are prepared.