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Advertising and partnership

We are always looking for advertisers and partners to build a solid business relationship that will encourage the growth of our network. In an ever-changing market, we see these alliances as bringing significant added value to our website.

For more information on the benefits of advertising with us and the advertising formats we offer: 

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To enable us to count the clicks on your Flash animation, you must include the following line in your button script without modifying them:
 on (release) {
getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");

Expandable ads must enlarge as the cursor passes over and resume their original size when the mouse leaves the ad. Pre-expanded ads are not accepted. A 2.2 MB progressive load is allowed. Animation should last no more than 30 seconds. It is unlimited during interaction. The video may start automatically. Audio must be activated by user click. The following commands must be included in all advertisements, if applicable:

• Audio: on / off;
• Video: stop / play / pause;
• Expandable ads: ‘’Close’’ button in the upper right corner, inside the original format.