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pressed cheesesclick to hear

Ripened cheeses that are also cooked and pressed and contain less than 35% moisture; they usually have a firm compact texture and a hard rind.
pressed cheeses Romano Parmesan Gruyère Emmenthal Raclette Jarlsberg

Romano click to hear

Native to Rome, this dry granular cheese is made from cow, ewe or goat’s milk or a mixture of all three; it is mostly used in grated form.

Parmesan click to hear

Strong-smelling Italian cheese with a grainy texture, sold in rounds or grated; it is a popular flavoring ingredient, especially for pasta dishes.

Gruyère click to hear

Swiss cheese with small holes called "eyes" and a medium-sweet taste; extensively used in cooking, either as is, grated or melted.

Emmenthal click to hear

Characterized by large holes, this mild Swiss cheese is very popular in fondues and au gratin dishes.

Raclette click to hear

Cheese specifically made to be used in a traditional eponymous dish that originated in the Valais region of Switzerland.

Jarlsberg click to hear

Norwegian cheese with large holes that has a characteristic nutty taste.