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runnersclick to hear

Movable parts of the turbine that transmit the movement of the water to the shaft to which they are attached to turn the rotor.
runners bucket ring Pelton runner coupling bolt bucket Kaplan runner runner blade hub cover hub Francis runner blade ring

bucket ring click to hear

Disk housing all the turbine buckets that activates the runner.

Pelton runner click to hear

Type of runner that is suited to high water sources (usually over 1,000 ft) and low flow rates.

coupling bolt click to hear

Element made up of a nut and a bolt that attaches the runner to the shaft plate to transmit its movement to the runner.

bucket click to hear

Small bucket that is attached to the turbine’s runner; water enters it to turn the wheel.

Kaplan runner click to hear

Type of runner that is suited to low heights of water (usually between 30 and 200 ft) and variable flow rates.

runner blade click to hear

Movable part that is fixed to the hub of the runner; it turns through the action of water power on it.

hub cover click to hear

Cover for the lower cone-shaped part of the hub.

hub click to hear

Part of the runner that holds the shaft; the runner blades are attached to it.

Francis runner click to hear

Most common type of runner that is suited to average heights of water (usually between 100 and 1,000 ft).

blade click to hear

Stationary curved plate on the turbine’s runner; it receives the thrust of the water to turn the runner.

ring click to hear

Circular part that supports the wicket gates.