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recoilless rifleclick to hear

Portable weapon that functions by balancing thrust; to prevent recoil, a projectile and a gas jet are projected in opposite directions.
recoilless rifle cocking lever front grip trigger venturi venturi fastening lever firing mechanism shoulder rest barrel antitank rocket

cocking lever click to hear

Device used to cock the weapon.

front grip click to hear

Handle used to grip the front of the rifle and aim it.

trigger click to hear

Device that is pressed to fire the weapon.

venturi click to hear

Exhaust tube for gases released by the explosion; the forward thrust generated by these gases offsets the rear thrust of the explosion.

venturi fastening lever click to hear

Device that attaches the venturi to the barrel.

firing mechanism click to hear

Mechanism that fires the projectile.

shoulder rest click to hear

Part that holds the rifle against the shooter’s shoulder.

barrel click to hear

Cylindrical tube used to fire projectiles.

antitank rocket click to hear

Bursting charge for destroying armored vehicles.