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modern howitzerclick to hear

Direct-fire piece of artillery that launches a round of oval projectiles (shells); its size is between that of a cannon and a mortar.
modern howitzer float spade lifting handle trail towing eye drawbar drawbar lock barrel locking ring carriage elevating hand-wheel equilibrator firing lanyard cradle firing shaft sliding breech breechblock breechblock operating lever assembly recuperator cylinder front head recoil sleigh recuperator cylinder elevating arc

float click to hear

Metal plate that supports the trail during firing and prevents the spades from sinking too deeply into the ground.

spade click to hear

Cone-shaped double plate that is used to anchor the weapon to the ground in firing position.

lifting handle click to hear

Handle used to lift the trail to move the howitzer.

trail click to hear

Support for the carriage; it is used to point the howitzer toward the target.

towing eye click to hear

Ring used to attach the howitzer to a towing vehicle.

drawbar click to hear

Metal rod that supports the towing eye; it is used to tow the howitzer and move the spades.

drawbar lock click to hear

Device that makes it possible to pivot and lock the drawbar.

barrel click to hear

Tubular part that guides the trajectory of the projectile.

locking ring click to hear

Piece that locks the barrel assembly and the recoil system.

carriage click to hear

Mounting for the barrel that sits on top of the trail; its function is to aim and move the barrel.

elevating hand-wheel click to hear

Wheel that controls the movement of the elevating arc.

equilibrator click to hear

Hydraulic or spring-loaded system used to apply force to the cradle so that the barrel assembly and the recoil system are balanced on the carriage.

firing lanyard click to hear

Device that makes it possible to fire a projectile.

cradle click to hear

Piece on which the barrel rests.

firing shaft click to hear

Metal rod that transfers the thrust of the firing lanyard to the trigger when the howitzer is fired.

sliding breech click to hear

Metal casing that houses the breechblock.

breechblock click to hear

Sliding part at the back of the howitzer that contains the firing mechanism.

breechblock operating lever assembly click to hear

Lever that opens and closes the breechblock to load and unload the howitzer.

recuperator cylinder front head click to hear

Part that is removed to check and replace the recuperator cylinder’s hydraulic fluid.

recoil sleigh click to hear

Double ring on the end of the cradle that allows the barrel to recoil when the charge explodes.

recuperator cylinder click to hear

Hydraulic cylinder used to bring the barrel back into firing position.

elevating arc click to hear

Device with an arc-shaped cogwheel that is used to adjust the height of the shot.