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supermarketclick to hear

A large self-service store that sells food and various everyday household goods; the part accessible to shoppers is surrounded by service areas reserved for storage and for preparing and preserving merchandise.
supermarket fresh meat counter packaging products household products delicatessen cold storage chamber dairy products fruits and vegetables reach-in freezer beer and wine aisle drinks receiving area checkouts end aisle display shopping carts canned goods pet food and supplies bakery health and beauty care gondola seafood convenience food prepared foods cheese counter frozen foods frozen food storage cold storage chamber

fresh meat counter click to hear

Glass display case containing pieces of meat or poultry that the butcher cuts and wraps upon request.

packaging products click to hear

Every kind of wrapping used in the process of cooking, freezing or preserving food.

household products click to hear

Products or aids for everyday household jobs; they include detergents, bleaches, cleaning products and scouring pads.

delicatessen click to hear

Space set aside for specialty products that are often ready to eat, such as cold cuts, salads and olives.

cold storage chamber click to hear

Refrigerated space where perishables are stored.

dairy products click to hear

Foodstuffs produced by processing fresh milk; they generally include milk, cream, yogurt, butter and some prepackaged cheeses.

fruits and vegetables click to hear

Plant products sold as food, offered in bulk or prepackaged.

reach-in freezer click to hear

Display case used to keep drinks cool.

beer and wine click to hear

Selection of alcoholic beverages available at a supermarket.

aisle click to hear

Space between the gondolas where shoppers move about.

drinks click to hear

Nonalcoholic liquids comprising mainly bottled water, juice and soft drinks.

receiving area click to hear

Space designed to receive merchandise.

checkouts click to hear

Counters with a cash register located at the exit where shoppers pay for their purchases.

end aisle display click to hear

End of a gondola; it is used to highlight certain items that are on sale or whose sales need to be increased.

shopping carts click to hear

Wheeled basket used to transport shoppers’ selected items to the checkout and, possibly, to the parking lot.

canned goods click to hear

Prepared foodstuffs, preserved in airtight cans or jars using a process that allows them to be kept for long periods of time.

pet food and supplies click to hear

Products used to feed and care for pets.

bakery click to hear

Section where bread, pastries and other baked goods are sold, whether baked on the premises or not.

health and beauty care click to hear

Range of nonprescription drugs, and nonmedicated personal hygiene, health and beauty products.

gondola click to hear

Long unit with shelves; it is used to display self-service products.

seafood click to hear

Section where fish and shellfish are offered for sale at a self-service counter or prepared to order.

convenience food click to hear

Food prepared and presented in such a way that it can be served quickly and easily.

prepared foods click to hear

Various foodstuffs, sometimes in individual portions, prepared on-site or by a specialty supplier; they are often ready to eat.

cheese counter click to hear

Glass display case holding a variety of whole cheeses that the employee cuts and wraps upon request.

frozen foods click to hear

Various foodstuffs stored at very low temperatures to preserve their quality and nutritional content for as long as possible.

frozen food storage click to hear

Refrigerated space where frozen food is stored.

cold storage chamber click to hear

Refrigerated space where perishables are stored.