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synagogueclick to hear

Place of worship in the Jewish religion.
synagogue rabbi’s seat pulpit balcony memorial board bimah menorah eternal light Torah scrolls ark Ten Commandments Star of David

rabbi’s seat click to hear

Armchair used by the community’s religious leader who leads the service.

pulpit click to hear

Raised platform on which the Torah scrolls are placed for public reading.

balcony click to hear

Area traditionally reserved for women; among Reform Jews, men and women sit together.

memorial board click to hear

Plaque used to commemorate the deceased of the community.

bimah click to hear

Platform from which a rabbi conducts services.

menorah click to hear

Seven-branched candle that is an important object in Jewish rites.

eternal light click to hear

Suspended lamp that is lit at all times; it is in memory of God’s eternal presence and the eternal flame of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Torah scrolls click to hear

Rolls of parchment on which the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew bible) is written in hand.

ark click to hear

Cabinet used to store the scrolls of the Torah.

Ten Commandments click to hear

The precepts transmitted by God to Moses; they form the basis of the Jewish faith.

Star of David click to hear

Emblem of Judaism that is made up of two overlapping triangles forming a six-pointed star; it was the seal of King Solomon, son of David.