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flag shapes [2]click to hear

flag shapes [2] streamer pennant bunting wind sock flag with Schwenkel oriflamme gonfalon

streamer click to hear

Long narrow strip of fabric that usually bears a motto.

pennant click to hear

Triangular flag that the knights of the Middle Ages placed on the end of a lance when they rode off to war.

bunting click to hear

Row of flags in various colors used as a party ornament.

wind sock click to hear

Open-ended tube made of fabric that is used to indicate the direction and strength of the wind.

flag with Schwenkel click to hear

Square flag with a streamer extending from the top.

oriflamme click to hear

Pageantry banner with several points.

gonfalon click to hear

Flag with several points parallel to the staff; in the Middle Ages, it was used as a standard to identify a lord’s vassals.