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first aid equipment [5]click to hear

The instruments and equipment used to transport the sick and the injured and to administer first aid.
first aid equipment [5] stethoscope branch flexible tube earpiece branch clip sound receiver Y-tube

stethoscope click to hear

Instrument that captures and amplifies cardiac and breathing sounds.

branch click to hear

Each of the extensions of the Y-tubes that carry sound to the ears.

flexible tube click to hear

Flexible conduit attached to the sound receiver; it carries sound to the ears.

earpiece click to hear

Part that secures the branch to the entrance to the auditory canal so that sounds can be heard.

branch clip click to hear

Device that opens up the branches of the stethoscope and keeps them in place.

sound receiver click to hear

Device placed over the area to be examined to capture and amplify sounds; it is usually covered with a membrane.

Y-tube click to hear

Tube divided into two branches, one for each ear.