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first aid equipment [1]click to hear

The instruments and equipment used to transport the sick and the injured and to administer first aid.
first aid equipment [1] cervical collar oropharyngeal airway aspirator defibrillator resuscitator oxygen mask

cervical collar click to hear

Orthosis placed around the neck to partially immobilize the cervical spine.

oropharyngeal airway click to hear

Hollow tube inserted into the oral portion of the pharynx (oropharynx) to prevent the tongue from being swallowed and to allow air to pass.

aspirator click to hear

Device used to extract a liquid or a gas from one of the patient’s orifices.

defibrillator click to hear

Device that releases a brief but powerful electric charge to restore normal heart rhythm after cardiac arrest.

resuscitator click to hear

Portable device used to ventilate the lungs when breathing is inadequate.

oxygen mask click to hear

Device placed over the nose and mouth to help breathing by means of oxygen insufflation.