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podium and basementclick to hear

podium and basement elevator glassed roof restaurant loading dock delivery entrance parking lobby escalator subway bus street public garden commercial area

elevator click to hear

Mechanical apparatus with a car that provides automated movement of people between the levels of a building.

glassed roof click to hear

Large glassed surface forming the walls and roof.

restaurant click to hear

Business establishment where meals are served for a fee.

loading dock click to hear

Installation used to handle and load freight.

delivery entrance click to hear

Entrance that provides access to a building for purposes of unloading freight.

parking click to hear

Area for cars to park.

lobby click to hear

Concourse used to access other rooms as well as stairs and elevators.

escalator click to hear

Installation that consists of articulated steps on a continuously turning chain; it allows movement between two levels of a building.

subway click to hear

Underground or partly underground train that runs on electric tracks and serves a city’s districts.

bus click to hear

Motorized vehicle for city or intercity transportation of passengers who are standing or seated.

street click to hear

Thoroughfare built inside a city and usually lined with buildings.

public garden click to hear

Pleasure garden inside a building that is designed for relaxation.

commercial area click to hear

Covered or underground pedestrian walkway that is lined with stores.