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metropolitan area [1]click to hear

Vast urban concentration consisting of a city and its suburbs.
metropolitan area [1] village central business district airport golf course railyard railroad station road convention center parking area warehouse factory container terminal wharf stadium track beltway interchange freeway shopping mall refinery landfill

village click to hear

A population center that is often rural and usually smaller than a city.

central business district click to hear

Area that contains the highest concentration of uildings in which the city’s economic activities are carried out.

airport click to hear

Location that contains all the technical and commercial facilities needed to support air traffic.

golf course click to hear

Area of land designed for playing golf; it features a course of 9 or 18 holes.

railyard click to hear

Set of tracks where freight trains are reconfigured to contain cargo cars with the same destination and then dispatched.

railroad station click to hear

Covered building for the public where trains and passengers arrive and depart.

road click to hear

Communications route connecting two distant geographic points, usually urban centers.

convention center click to hear

Building designed to hold trade shows and fairs (auto shows, book fairs, agricultural fairs, etc.).

parking area click to hear

Area for cars to park.

warehouse click to hear

Building used to store merchandise.

factory click to hear

Industrial building where machines are used to process raw materials, manufacture products and produce energy.

container terminal click to hear

Area with installations and equipment to store, sort and handle freight containers.

wharf click to hear

Docking area for watercraft; it is designed to allow passengers to embark and disembark and to load and unload cargo.

stadium click to hear

Large building that is covered or uncovered and surrounded by grandstands; it contains a field used for athletic events.

track click to hear

A pair of parallel rails laid end to end and on which trains run.

beltway click to hear

High-speed road that circles the downtown area, making it possible to divert traffic away from downtown or connect two outlying communities.

interchange click to hear

Construction connecting several roads or highways that meet without crossing.

freeway click to hear

Large thoroughfare with separate one-way lanes and no crossing streets; reserved for high-speed traffic.

shopping mall click to hear

Covered space that houses retail stores, one or more megastores and various services such as banks and restaurants.

refinery click to hear

Plant where substances such as sugar and oil are processed.

landfill click to hear

Site designated for waste disposal.