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baking utensils [1]click to hear

Baking: refers to the production of cakes, cookies and other usually sweet comestibles made from cooked dough, pastry or batter.
baking utensils [1] pastry cutting wheel whisk egg beater pastry brush icing syringe

pastry cutting wheel click to hear

Device used for cutting dough; the indented wheel gives it a fluted edge.

whisk click to hear

Utensil made of several curved and intersecting steel wires used to blend, beat or whip liquid and semiliquid ingredients.

egg beater click to hear

Mechanical device with two whisks activated by a crank handle; it is used to beat liquid and semiliquid ingredients.

pastry brush click to hear

Device with silk or nylon bristles at one end, used to coat, brush or glaze pastries, or to grease baking pans.

icing syringe click to hear

Fitted with interchangeable nozzles that are filled with icing, it is used to decorate baked goods and molded desserts.