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bulb vegetables [2]click to hear

The main edible part of these vegetables is their bulb, the underground structure where the plant’s nutrient reserves are stored.
bulb vegetables [2] white onion red onion pearl onion garlic yellow onion shallot

white onion click to hear

Mild and sweet, this onion is widely used as a flavoring ingredient; it is often eaten raw or deep-fried in rings.

red onion click to hear

The sweetest of the onions, it is often eaten raw, in salads or sandwiches.

pearl onion click to hear

Small white onion picked before fully ripe; it is primarily used to make pickles or as an ingredient in stews such as boeuf bourguignon.

garlic click to hear

The bulb is composed of bulblets called cloves; the germ at its center can make garlic difficult to digest.

yellow onion click to hear

The most common onion, widely used as a flavoring ingredient, either raw or cooked; it is also the essential ingredient in onion soup.

shallot click to hear

It has a more subtle flavor than the onion or the chive; it is eaten raw or cooked and often used as a flavoring ingredient in sauces.