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spices [1]click to hear

Plant substances, often of exotic origin, used primarily for their flavor and pungency to enhance the taste of various recipes.
spices [1] green pepper white pepper pink pepper black pepper clove white mustard black mustard juniper berry allspice

green pepper click to hear

Small berries picked while still green and usually dried or preserved in brine or vinegar; this pepper is mild but very fragrant.

white pepper click to hear

Small berries picked when very ripe, then dried and skinned; this pepper is less pungent than black pepper.

pink pepper click to hear

These dried berries, with a delicate fragrant and mildly pungent flavor, do not grow on the pepper tree but on another plant; it is used like pepper.

black pepper click to hear

The most pungent and aromatic of the peppers, it comes from small berries that are picked while still green, then dried.

clove click to hear

The dried floral bud of the clove tree. Whole, it is often used with ham or simmered onion dishes; when ground, it flavors items such as gingerbread.

white mustard click to hear

Its seeds are larger and less pungent than the black mustard’s and are used especially to make American mustard.

black mustard click to hear

The flavorful pungent seeds have a high concentration of essential oil; they are used whole, ground or as a flavoring agent.

juniper berry click to hear

Fruit of the juniper tree with a resinous smell and slightly bitter flavor; it is the basis for gin and also flavors marinades, sauerkraut, meat and pâtés.

allspice click to hear

Also called Jamaican spice; it is used to flavor savory or sweet dishes and certain liqueurs.