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delicatessen [3]click to hear

Foodstuff made from the meat (usually pork) or offal of various animals; among the many different varieties, some can be consumed as is, some are cooked.
delicatessen [3] merguez sausage frankfurter chipolata sausage Toulouse sausage andouillette

merguez sausage click to hear

Small, highly spiced sausage made with lamb, beef or mutton; popular in North Africa and Spain, it is usually eaten fried or grilled.

frankfurter click to hear

Smoked precooked sausage that is native to Germany and made from a pastelike pork mixture; among its many versions is the American hot dog.

chipolata sausage click to hear

Raw pork, or pork and beef, sausage characteristically flavored with cloves; it is often grilled or fried.

Toulouse sausage click to hear

Raw sausage, native to France, made with coarsely ground pork and pepper; often added to cassoulet.

andouillette click to hear

Cooked sausage made from pig or calf intestines; it can be grilled or fried and served with mustard.