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women’s shoes [1]click to hear

women’s shoes [1] ballerina one-bar shoe sandal sling back shoe pump T-strap shoe

ballerina click to hear

Light supple unlined shoe that is tightened by a thin lace and sometimes has a small heel; it leaves the instep uncovered to the base of the toes.

one-bar shoe click to hear

Heeled shoe characterized by a bar crossing the instep and fastened to the quarter by a buckle or button.

sandal click to hear

Light shoe leaving especially the heel uncovered; it often consists only of a sole held on the foot by variously configured straps.

sling back shoe click to hear

Pump with a rear bar; it can be open at the toe.

pump click to hear

Plain delicate lightweight shoe that leaves the instep uncovered; it has a heel, a thin sole and no fastening system.

T-strap shoe click to hear

Heeled shoe derived from the one-bar shoe; the vamp turns into a strap that extends over the instep and ends in a bar.