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examples of birds [6]click to hear

There are more than 9,000 species of birds scattered around the world.
examples of birds [6] great horned owl eagle condor vulture falcon

great horned owl click to hear

Nocturnal raptor found in the forests of North America, with a protruding tuft of feathers on each side of its head.

eagle click to hear

Widely prevalent raptor with piercing eyes, a hooked beak and sharp talons allowing it to catch live prey.

condor click to hear

Diurnal scavenger of the Americas, with a bald head and neck; one California species is facing extinction.

vulture click to hear

Diurnal raptor of the Americas and Eurasia, mainly a scavenger, with a bald head and neck, powerful beak and weak talons.

falcon click to hear

Diurnal bird of prey with piercing eyes and powerful talons and beak; it captures its prey in flight and is sometimes trained to hunt.