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examples of birds [5]click to hear

There are more than 9,000 species of birds scattered around the world.
examples of birds [5] cockatoo macaw tern albatross toucan

cockatoo click to hear

Noisy perching bird with drab plumage and a tuft of upright feathers on its head, found mainly in Australia; it can mimic human speech.

macaw click to hear

Noisy brightly colored perching bird found in the tropical forests of the Americas; it feeds mainly on seeds and fruit.

tern click to hear

Widespread web-footed aquatic bird with long wings and a forked tail; it dives for the fish it feeds on.

albatross click to hear

Web-footed aquatic bird of the south seas; its wingspan can reach 10 ft, allowing it to glide for hours.

toucan click to hear

Large yet gentle bird found in the forests of the Americas; its dentate bill allows it to feed especially on fruits and insects.