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high-speed train [2]click to hear

High-speed passenger train (between 135 and 190 mph) powered by electricity, with a power car at each end and a limited number of cars in between.
high-speed train [2] suspension truck pilot position light headlight power car driver’s cab headlight catenary motor truck equipment compartment baggage compartment passenger car pantograph coupling guide device air compression unit motor unit main transformer

suspension truck click to hear

Three-axled truck with brakes and shock absorbers.

pilot click to hear

Steel bar attached to the frame that pushes aside debris from the track.

position light click to hear

Lamp signaling the presence of the power car while at rest.

headlight click to hear

Lamp illuminating the sides of the track.

power car click to hear

Vehicle with an electric motor and braking system for pulling one or more cars.

driver’s cab click to hear

Compartment in the power car containing controls used by the engineer and providing a view of the track ahead.

headlight click to hear

Lamp illuminating the track ahead.

catenary click to hear

One or more overhead wires supplying electricity to the power car.

motor truck click to hear

Two-axled truck with traction motors propelling the power car.

equipment compartment click to hear

Compartments for various electrical equipment.

baggage compartment click to hear

Space at the entrance of the car for stowing large pieces of luggage.

passenger car click to hear

Part of the car with rows of numbered seats.

pantograph click to hear

Articulating mechanism on the roof of the power car that collects electricity from an overhead catenary.

coupling guide device click to hear

Assembly on the nosepiece of the power car for coupling it with another train.

air compression unit click to hear

System producing compressed air for operating various pneumatic devices, such as the suspension and brakes.

motor unit click to hear

Compartment where the electricity from the transformers is modified and transmitted to the motor trucks.

main transformer click to hear

Device transferring and adapting electrical energy from the catenary to the traction motors.