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fitness equipment [1]click to hear

Material and apparatuses for carrying out exercises aimed at maintaining the physique and increasing muscular strength, flexibility and endurance.
fitness equipment [1] chest expander twist bar tension spring grip jump rope handgrips ankle/wrist weight dumbbell bar weight

chest expander click to hear

Apparatus with springs connected to two handles; it is stretched with the hands to develop the muscles in the upper torso and the arms.

twist bar click to hear

Bar consisting of a tension spring and two grips; the athlete bends it to strengthen the upper part of the body (such as the arms and shoulders).

tension spring click to hear

Metal elastic part that bends from the force the athlete exerts on its ends; it then returns to its original shape.

grip click to hear

Part by which the athlete holds the twist bar.

jump rope click to hear

Cord with handles that is repeatedly swung over the head then jumped over; the athlete jumps once per cycle to strengthen mainly the leg and buttock muscles.

handgrips click to hear

Apparatus with two handles connected by a spring; it is gripped with the hand to strengthen mainly the hand, wrist and forearm muscles.

ankle/wrist weight click to hear

Wide flexible band of preset mass that is worn around the wrist or ankle to increase resistance during exercise.

dumbbell click to hear

Gym equipment that consists of two equal weights attached to each end of a short bar, which is lifted with one hand to develop mainly the arm muscles.

bar click to hear

Metal shaft that connects two weights; the athlete grips it to manipulate the weights.

weight click to hear

Round metal mass of various weights and sizes that is attached to each end of the bar.