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sailboardclick to hear

Floating board with a sail; it is used in windsurfing, a sport consisting of gliding on water.
sailboard bow daggerboard mast sleeve luff window wishbone boom mast uphaul tack mast foot board skeg stern foot strap daggerboard well foot clew leech batten pocket masthead batten sail

bow click to hear

Forward part of the board; it curves slightly upward.

daggerboard click to hear

Usually retractable, vertical skeg that keeps the board on course.

mast sleeve click to hear

Part of the sail that slips over the mast; it has an opening for the wishbone boom, where it is attached to the mast.

luff click to hear

Front edge of the sail; it is located along the mast sleeve.

window click to hear

Transparent section through which the windsurfer can see any objects or boats on the other side of the sail.

wishbone boom click to hear

Metal or carbon hoop that is attached to the mast at one end and the clew at the other; it directs the sail and helps the windsurfer stay balanced.

mast click to hear

Long vertical part that is sometimes slightly inclined; it supports the wishbone boom and the sail.

uphaul click to hear

Knotted rope that runs from the wishbone boom to the mast foot; it is used for righting the sail when it is in the water.

tack click to hear

Point that forms the front lower angle of the sail; it is attached to the foot of the mast sleeve.

mast foot click to hear

Articulated part that connects the mast to the board; it allows the mast and sail to pivot.

board click to hear

Floating device made of synthetic material on which the windsurfer rides; its shape varies depending on its use (racing, slalom, waves, jumping).

skeg click to hear

One of the triangular parts aft and under the board that stabilize its course; the shorter the skegs, the easier the board is to handle.

stern click to hear

Back part of the board.

foot strap click to hear

Belt attached to the board to hold the windsurfer’s foot in place; this provides maximum control of the board, especially against strong winds and waves.

daggerboard well click to hear

Slot running through the board into which the daggerboard slides.

foot click to hear

Lower part of the sail between the clew and the tack.

clew click to hear

Point forming the small angle at the back of the sail; it is attached to the wishbone boom.

leech click to hear

Aft edge of the sail between the masthead and the clew.

batten pocket click to hear

Slot into which a batten is slipped.

masthead click to hear

Top end of the mast.

batten click to hear

Rigid pole inserted into the sail’s batten pockets to maintain its shape.

sail click to hear

Assembly of fabric or plastic sections that is rigged on a mast; it forms a surface that allows the board to sail with the wind.