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pulsed ruby laserclick to hear

Device that produces a thin and very intense colored light beam; its various applications include fiber optics, manufacturing and surgery.
pulsed ruby laser laser beam cooling cylinder fully reflecting mirror reflecting cylinder flash tube partially reflecting mirror photon ruby cylinder

laser beam click to hear

Straight and powerful monochrome light beam that is emitted by the device.

cooling cylinder click to hear

Casing in which water generally circulates to cool the ruby cylinder, which becomes very hot as it produces the beam.

fully reflecting mirror click to hear

Reflects all the light energy toward the partially reflecting mirror. The reflection between the mirrors intensifies the light to form a highly concentrated beam.

reflecting cylinder click to hear

Laser’s metal casing whose inside is polished so that it reflects the light toward the ruby cylinder.

flash tube click to hear

Lamp that acts as an energy source by emitting a flash of white light, which excites the ruby atoms and causes them to emit photons.

partially reflecting mirror click to hear

Its partial transparency allows light beams to escape.

photon click to hear

Energy particle that emits the ruby-chromium atoms as they are excited by flashes in the tube.

ruby cylinder click to hear

Ruby bar (crystallized alumina) that contains chromium atoms. It has mirrors at each end, which form the amplification medium to produce the laser beam.