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microscopeclick to hear

Optical instrument that consists of a system of lenses designed for observing organisms that are very small or invisible to the naked eye by magnifying their images.
microscope coarse adjustment knob fine adjustment knob arm base mirror condenser stage glass slide stage clip objective revolving nosepiece draw tube eyepiece

coarse adjustment knob click to hear

Medium-precision focusing device for adjusting the distance between the objective and the object under study.

fine adjustment knob click to hear

High-precision focusing device for adjusting the distance between the objective and the object under study.

arm click to hear

Vertical part of the microscope that supports the components (draw tube, stage) and contains the focusing mechanisms.

base click to hear

Support that stabilizes the microscope.

mirror click to hear

Polished glass surface that reflects the surrounding light onto the object under study to illuminate it.

condenser click to hear

Optical system that is usually made up of two lenses, which concentrate the light reflected by the mirror onto the object under study.

stage click to hear

Metal plate with an opening in the middle; the glass slide and the components keeping it in place are placed on it.

glass slide click to hear

Fine glass plate on which the object to be studied is placed.

stage clip click to hear

Springlike metal blade that keeps the glass slide on the stage.

objective click to hear

Lens system that captures the light from an observed object and makes it converge to form an enlarged inverted image.

revolving nosepiece click to hear

Rotating plate to which objectives of different powers are fixed to allow them to be used in succession during a study.

draw tube click to hear

Cylindrical tube that houses the microscope’s eyepiece; it is often made up of two converging lenses.

eyepiece click to hear

System of lenses that acts as a magnifier; the eye looks through it to see an enlarged image of the image produced by the objective.