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watering tools [3]click to hear

watering tools [3] impulse sprinkler sled trip lever hose connector nozzle deflector metal arm diffuser pin oscillating sprinkler revolving sprinkler arm

impulse sprinkler click to hear

Watering device whose single nozzle is mounted on a pivot that rotates in jerks, emitting a powerful spray to distribute water in a circle or arc.

sled click to hear

Support for the sprinkler; it allows the device to be moved by pulling on the hose, which avoids treading on watered areas.

trip lever click to hear

Ring-shaped part for adjusting the area to be watered (full or semicircle).

hose connector click to hear

Part receiving a garden hose.

nozzle click to hear

Part with an opening through which the water spray is projected.

deflector click to hear

Device modifying the spray’s range.

metal arm click to hear

Device that spreads water evenly to avoid puddles and splashing on the sides.

diffuser pin click to hear

Device fragmenting the spray to vaporize the water.

oscillating sprinkler click to hear

Device with a bar containing multiple nozzles; it moves back and forth to spray water in the shape of a fan over large areas.

revolving sprinkler click to hear

Watering device with rotating arms that distribute water in a full circle.

arm click to hear

Part attached to the sprinkler’s pivot for distributing water.