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storage furniture [1]click to hear

Furniture serving to archive, support or protect various objects.
storage furniture [1] door frame armoire bracket base foot bottom rail peg hinge frame stile rail hanging stile lock diamond point door panel top rail cornice center post frieze

door click to hear

Each of an armoire’s moving parts, acting as doors.

frame click to hear

Set of stiles and rails comprising an armoire’s structure.

armoire click to hear

Tall piece of furniture enclosed by panels and equipped with shelves to store items such as linens, clothing and supplies.

bracket base click to hear

Lower part of the frame.

foot click to hear

Wooden member, usually decorative, supporting the armoire.

bottom rail click to hear

Horizontal wooden member located at the bottom of the frame.

peg click to hear

Dowel made of wood or metal used for fastening various members.

hinge click to hear

Cylindrical metal part bent at an angle; it supports the door and allows it to swing.

frame stile click to hear

Wooden member making up the sides of the frame.

rail click to hear

Flat section of the panel between two decorative relief patterns.

hanging stile click to hear

Vertical member of the frame to which the hinges are fastened.

lock click to hear

Device mounted on the door allowing it to lock by using a key.

diamond point click to hear

Decorative pattern whose embossment resembles the facets of a diamond.

door panel click to hear

Carved or painted surface demarcated by a molding.

top rail click to hear

Horizontal wooden member located at the top of the frame.

cornice click to hear

Set of protruding moldings across the top of an armoire.

center post click to hear

Fixed center stile of an armoire’s frame.

frieze click to hear

Ornamental molding above the cornice.