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electricity tools [6]click to hear

The purpose of the electrical trade is to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and devices in a place or building.
electricity tools [6] wire stripper adjustment wheel needle-nose pliers lineman’s pliers jaw wire cutter pivot insulated handle

wire stripper click to hear

Pliers with adjustable cutting jaws for removing the insulating sheathing from an electric cable or wire.

adjustment wheel click to hear

Small striated wheel controlling the movement of the jaws so they adapt to the diameter of the electric wire being stripped.

needle-nose pliers click to hear

Pliers with long narrow jaws for doing delicate work or accessing hard-to-reach parts.

lineman’s pliers click to hear

Pliers fitted with straight jaws that provide a powerful grip; they also include a wire cutter and jaws for pulling fish wire.

jaw click to hear

Straight striated part that, with its twin, opens and closes to grip, twist or cut an electric cable, wire or other object.

wire cutter click to hear

Part fitted with two cutting edges for cropping an electric wire.

pivot click to hear

Pliers’ axle of articulation, which allows the jaws to open and close.

insulated handle click to hear

Long part of the pliers, covered with a material preventing the flow of electricity.