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lander (Viking)click to hear

Spacecraft designed to touch down on the surface of the celestial body so as to study it.
lander (Viking) radioisotope thermoelectric generator collector head UHF antenna shock absorber propellant tank high gain antenna camera terminal descent engine temperature sensor furlable boom

radioisotope thermoelectric generator click to hear

Device that supplies electrical power; converts the heat released by the radioactive decay of a substance it contains into electricity.

collector head click to hear

Shovel used to collect soil samples, which are analyzed on-site.

UHF antenna click to hear

Antenna used to establish radio contact with the orbiter.

shock absorber click to hear

Piece of equipment deployed to cushion the impact when the lander touches down.

propellant tank click to hear

Place where fuel for the descent engines is stored.

high gain antenna click to hear

Principal antenna pointed toward Earth to transmit large quantities of scientific data as well as photographs.

camera click to hear

Two cameras make it possible to obtain three-dimensional color images of the celestial body’s surface.

terminal descent engine click to hear

Rocket engine that allows the lander to slow down before it touches the ground.

temperature sensor click to hear

Instrument that measures the surface temperature of the celestial body.

furlable boom click to hear

Mobile extension arm serving to dig into the soil and collect samples.