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movie theaterclick to hear

Establishment with auditoriums used for projecting films.
movie theater ticket clerk stairs projector snack bar ladies’ toilet speaker entrance doors pay phone poster gentlemen’s toilet box office movies’ titles and schedules quick ticket system escalator projection room projection booth seat projection screen

ticket clerk click to hear

stairs click to hear

Structural element for moving from the entrance to the auditorium and its rows of seats, arranged in tiers.

projector click to hear

Instrument that projects film images on a screen.

snack bar click to hear

ladies’ toilet click to hear

Women’s room designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

speaker click to hear

Device that broadcasts a film’s soundtrack.

entrance doors click to hear

pay phone click to hear

Telephone located in public places; it functions when coins or payment cards are inserted into the phone box.

poster click to hear

Large-format illustrated sheet publicizing a film.

gentlemen’s toilet click to hear

Men’s room designed to satisfy basic functions and equipped with toilets and sinks.

box office click to hear

Counter where admission tickets are purchased.

movies’ titles and schedules click to hear

quick ticket system click to hear

Machine for using a debit card to purchase a ticket, without waiting at the box office.

escalator click to hear

Installation that consists of articulated steps on a continuously turning chain; it allows movement between two levels of a building.

projection room click to hear

Movie theater’s main room, where the public sit during a movie screening.

projection booth click to hear

Soundproof room used to house the projection equipment.

seat click to hear

Armchair used to view a movie screening.

projection screen click to hear

White surface on which still or moving images are projected.