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traditional musical instruments [3]click to hear

Collective term for the instruments, current or ancient, that characterize a culture, era or style of music.
traditional musical instruments [3] harmonica panpipe Jew’s harp frame tongue

harmonica click to hear

Instrument composed of small tubes with free reeds recessed in a frame, which the player causes to vibrate by exhaling and inhaling.

panpipe click to hear

South American instrument consisting of tubes of unequal length, each of which produces a single note.

Jew’s harp click to hear

Instrument composed of a tongue fitted to a frame; the instrument is held against the lips and the mouth is used to alter or amplify the sound vibrations.

frame click to hear

Curved metal or bamboo rod held against the lips.

tongue click to hear

Flexible strip of metal attached to the frame; the player uses a finger to make it vibrate.