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accessories [1] pin cushion pin needle eye emery pack thimble needle threader magnet

pin cushion click to hear

Small cushion used to hold pins and needles.

pin click to hear

Small pointed metal stem with a head; it is used to fasten two pieces of fabric and to mark fabric during fittings.

needle click to hear

Metal stem that passes the thread through the fabric to form a stitch.

eye click to hear

Hole in the head of the needle through which the thread passes.

emery pack click to hear

Small cushion filled with powdered emery; it is used to maintain the points of pins and needles.

thimble click to hear

Metal sleeve used to protect the middle finger, which pushes the needle when sewing by hand.

needle threader click to hear

Instrument that makes it easier to insert the thread into the eye of the needle.

magnet click to hear

Instrument used to collect pins and needles.