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Fortified residence of a feudal lord, designed to protect against assailants.
castle lists chemise bartizan moat stockade parapet walk postern brattice battlement chapel keep pinnacle footbridge barbican rampart drawbridge machicolation guardhouse corbel curtain wall bailey covered parapet walk flanking tower turret castle corner tower

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Area of some size enclosed by a stockade and located around the castle.

chemise click to hear

Wall enclosing the base of the keep to defend it.

bartizan click to hear

A sentry box projecting from a wall used to survey the surrounding area.

moat click to hear

Water-filled trench protecting the castle’s ramparts.

stockade click to hear

The castle’s first line of defense, made up of a row of pickets or boards.

parapet walk click to hear

Passageway along a wall, making it possible to shoot and perform surveillance.

postern click to hear

Secret door built into a rampart.

brattice click to hear

Small box or machicolation projecting from the wall to reinforce its defense.

battlement click to hear

Wall allowing defenders of the fortification to fire from a protected position.

chapel click to hear

Place of worship.

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Castle’s main tower, serving as a final stronghold in the event of attack.

pinnacle click to hear

Steeple-shaped ornament atop the keep.

footbridge click to hear

Narrow bridge used to cross the moat and reach the drawbridge.

barbican click to hear

Freestanding defense with arrow slits used to defend the castle’s footbridge.

rampart click to hear

Thick wall that formed the castle’s outer defense.

drawbridge click to hear

Movable bridge that was lowered to allow people to cross the moat and raised to prevent access to the castle.

machicolation click to hear

Balcony made of masonry with apertures in the floor through which projectiles were dropped on assailants.

guardhouse click to hear

Structure serving as living quarters for the guards.

corbel click to hear

Stone projection on a wall to support the top of a tower or wall.

curtain wall click to hear

Stone wall connecting two towers or bastions.

bailey click to hear

Uncovered space bordered by the castle’s buildings and curtain walls.

covered parapet walk click to hear

Covered corridor constructed along a battlement and designed to allow the free movement of guards.

flanking tower click to hear

Defense tower making it possible to fire a shot parallel to the curtain wall.

turret click to hear

Small watchtower.

castle click to hear

Apartments of the lord and his family.

corner tower click to hear

Circular tower allowing surveillance and defense in all directions.