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examples of ungulate mammals [4]click to hear

There are many species of ungulate mammals; some are wild, some are domesticated and some are both.
examples of ungulate mammals [4] buffalo bison cow calf yak ox

buffalo click to hear

Ungulate ruminant found in the tropical regions of Africa and Asia; it is wild or raised in captivity for its meat and milk, and as a draft animal.

bison click to hear

Ungulate ruminant of North America and Europe, usually wild, sometimes raised for its meat.

cow click to hear

Ungulate ruminant with horns (female of the bull); it is raised for its milk and meat, and for reproduction.

calf click to hear

Baby cow, male or female, up to the age of one year raised for its meat.

yak click to hear

Ruminant ungulate of Central Asia domesticated in Tibet for its milk and its hide, and as a pack animal.

ox click to hear

Castrated bovine (male of the cow) domesticated for its meat and sometimes used as a draft animal.