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examples of reptiles [2]click to hear

Reptiles: cold-blooded vertebrates covered in scales (about 6,000 species) having limbs that are sometimes atrophied or absent.
examples of reptiles [2] viper coral snake python cobra rattlesnake

viper click to hear

Venomous snake found in hot arid regions of Eurasia and Africa with a flat triangular head and short tail; its bite can be fatal.

coral snake click to hear

Slender venomous snake of the Americas living under rocks or hidden in the ground; its bite can be fatal.

python click to hear

Large nocturnal nonvenomous snake found in hot regions of Asia, Africa and Australia; it lives mainly in trees and kills its prey by strangulation.

cobra click to hear

Venomous snake found in tropical regions of Asia and Africa; it inflates its neck when threatened.

rattlesnake click to hear

Venomous land snake of the Americas; it rattles its scaly tail to warn off enemies.