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examples of carnivorous mammals [3]click to hear

Carnivorous mammals (about 270 species) that have strong canines (fangs) and sharp molars (carnassials) adapted for eating flesh.
examples of carnivorous mammals [3] cougar wolf lynx badger hyena

cougar click to hear

Carnivorous mammal of the Americas living in various habitats (mountains, forests); it hunts only at night and is famed for its ability to leap.

wolf click to hear

Nocturnal carnivorous mammal of Eurasia and North America; it lives in packs and hunts large mammals (deer).

lynx click to hear

Very agile and powerful carnivorous mammal found in the forests of the Northern hemisphere; it is a night hunter with piercing eyes and its fur is highly prized.

badger click to hear

Mostly nocturnal carnivorous mammal of the Northern hemisphere digging complex tunnels; its hairs are used to make hairbrushes and paintbrushes.

hyena click to hear

Carnivorous scavenger of Africa and Asia; hyenas live alone or in packs and will attack live prey.