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There are more than 30 officially recognized breeds of domestic cat, classified into three groups according to the length of their hair (short, medium-long or long).
cat breeds Persian Maine coon American shorthair Manx Abyssinian Siamese

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Persian click to hear

Highly prized cat with silky fur, calm and affectionate; there are many varieties differentiated by the color of the fur and the eyes.

Maine coon click to hear

Sturdy cat, calm and affectionate, with a melodious meow; very popular in the U.S. but less common in Europe.

American shorthair click to hear

Energetic and resilient cat that is in great demand in the U.S. and Japan.

Manx click to hear

Tailless cat with hind limbs longer than its forelimbs.

Abyssinian click to hear

Svelte cat originally from Egypt or Ethiopia, docile and energetic; it has a melodious meow.

Siamese click to hear

Slender cat originally from Thailand, playful and affectionate; it has a loud raucous meow.